Success Stories


"Samaritan House took me in just weeks before I gave birth to my second son. I needed a fresh start and a chance as I strived to turn my life around for my children. Living there allowed me to stay clean and focused. Through the program I was able to save enough money and build enough rental history to get my own apartment near my eldest son’s school."


"My child was taken from me due to our living situation. Thanks to Samaritan House I was able to provide my daughter and I with a safe and stable environment while receiving valuable parenting skills through their mandatory parenting classes. After completing their program, I feel more competent as a parent and confident that I’m on the right track in providing the best life I can for my daughter."


"After years of my children living in foster care I decided it was time to take control of my life and finally be the mother they deserved. Samaritan House gave me that chance and through their program, I learned how to parent, budget, and save. They gave me an excellent reference for a rewarding job where I could use my past first-hand experiences to help others in crisis. We were able to stay long enough for housing to open up back on the reservation and now my son and daughter get to enjoy having their own rooms and a place we can all call home."

"My husband kicked me and my two children out on the streets. We had nowhere to go, no family to turn to and I did not speak English. Samaritan House took us in with open arms and made me feel welcome and safe. I was able to communicate with the director in my own language which made me feel more comfortable and gave me a sense of belonging in a foreign country. The staff treated us with respect and made my children smile every time they saw them. We got our own apartment after 10 months in their program and have the confidence to start the next chapter in our life on our own."


"My son and I came to this country from Honduras seeking medical treatment for his seizures. We didn’t know anyone, didn’t speak the language, and were anxious about how we were going to adapt. Samaritan House welcomed us and suddenly we felt like we were where we belonged. The director and I were able to communicate using our second language and a translator was provided for my case management. This allowed us to set up scheduling and communication with the nurses and doctors in Portland and my son was able to get the help he needed."

"After living in a rehab facility with my infant son, I was able to get into Samaritan House through Drug Court. I wanted a clean slate before it was too late and Samaritan House gave me that chance. Stable housing allowed me to get a job and develop a routine for me and my son. I learned the importance of budgeting and saving through weekly classes offered to their residents. Their savings policy allowed me to have enough money at the end to put down a deposit and pay first and last month’s rent on a place of our own."